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  Wenzhou Jucheng Science & technology is well-known Wenzhou LED display and Wenzhou lighting engineering company is professional display production, outdoor display manufacturers and display manufacturers, is the most powerful Wenzhou LED display manufacturers and Wenzhou LED lighting, lighting engineering, LED display, led, LCD TV stitching, welcome customers to come to consult! At the same time in high quality LED full-color project, attached to the new technology, virtual led the field of video, with several well-known domestic outstanding enterprises closely in: equipped with technology development, human, pre-sales after-sales and cooperate fully with.

  Company since its inception, with its own technology and management, excellent product quality and rich practical experience, has accomplished the many at home and abroad has significant influence on the system engineering, and achieved good economic and social benefits. And the company's products and services are increasingly accepted and recognized by customers in all walks of life.

  As a professional to provide such solutions, technology consulting and systems integration company, we always keep track of the latest international technology and the latest products, and the use of these advanced technologies and products to provide the best solutions to customer applications.

  Sincere letter, actively enterprising, create value, mutual encouragement is the motto of the company, with high quality products and advanced technology best for customer service is our aim.

  In today's changing, the fierce competition in the market, efficient information technology has become the successful enterprises and all levels of government is indispensable tool, Wenzhou clustered into science and Technology Co., Ltd. is application of information technology which is changing with each passing day, auxiliary to customers for the professional spirit of respect and sincerely expect more extensive cooperation with customers from all walks of life, under the care and support of customers from all walks of life, for the construction of China's modernization to make greater contributions to!

  Our company has been in sports, finance, docks, postal services, electricity, transportation, industrial control, labor market, medicine, schools, telecommunications, taxation, mobile, road advertising, high-grade buildings, exhibition show hall, technical supervision and other fields using multiple users. The technical level of product, engineering quality and customer service service users alike! See [details]…
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